Trending: Can Drinking Wine Improve My Naturopathic Regiment?

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Over the years, there have been several health trends that we’ve been less than excited about. Starting every morning with a kale packed smoothie? No thanks. An hour of goat yoga for flexibility and reduced stress? How is that even a thing? 

But when we talk about drinking wine to benefit our health- now that’s a trend we can get behind.

Yes, healthy wine exists. And it’s one daily habit that you may actually be able to stick to while improving your health.

If you want to know precisely which wines can help you live a healthier life then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep calm and wine on. 

glass of wine next to a bottle and grapes

When looking at the perfect wine to incorporate into your daily diet, it’s important to remember that not all wines are created equal.

For one, you want to take advantage of the natural benefits that come from the wine, which means avoiding wine containing additional toxins and chemicals that might do more harm to your body then good.

What is the healthiest type of wine?

For this reason, it’s best to lean on organic, biodynamic, and natural wine options.

The good news is that, in a world that’s finally embracing organic living, these wines are more accessible than ever. However, if you’ve been a wine drinker for years, you may be wondering if going with organic wines is really necessary.

The truth is that when it comes to FDA screening, there are 76 different chemicals and additives that are allowed to be in your wine.

In addition, vast wine production has resulted in farming techniques that have turned our grapes into overly processed Frankenstein hybrid grapes.

As a result, the wine that you’re likely to pick up in your supermarket will typically contain commercial yeast, excess sulfur, and way more sugar than wine actually needs.

While our body may still benefit from some of the compounds in these wines, the amount of work that it will have to do to clean out your system pretty much cancels out any benefits that you’ll be receiving.

wine cork

What You Need to Know About Natural Wine 

Now that you know what you want to avoid when it comes to shopping for wines, there are certain factors that you want to look for when purchasing a natural wine.

For one, it’s essential to know that natural wine comes in a wide range of flavors.

Just like the more conventional wines that you’re used to, you’re just as likely to pick up a good bottle of natural wine as you are to pick up a bad bottle.

You will find a number of natural wines may have a more vinegary flavor to them, but this isn’t the case with all wines.

You’ll also find that natural wine can be made in, ultimately, every winemaking region.

So if you’re more partial to French wines, you’re still in luck, as there’s a number of areas that continue to make pesticide and chemical-free wine. 

The ideal choice for natural wines come from dry farm curation. This means that their curating process is sustainable, free of sugar, free of any additives, and will be very low in sulfites.

It’s important to remember that all wines contain some level of sulfites. When working with natural organic wine, you’ll always be looking for the lowest levels of sulfites.

It’s also best to find a natural wine that doesn’t include any commercial yeast or clarifying agents for your naturopathic regiment.

glass of wine half full

There are a number of benefits that come from choosing a chemical-free wine option.

For one, you’re more likely to skip the hangover altogether.

Many individuals enjoy organic wine and report that they no longer experience any of the banging headaches or fatigue that typically occur the next day.

It also means that you’ll be avoiding many of the cancerous agents that are usually found in pesticides and herbicides.

You’ll be reducing the amount of toxification that occurs within the body, while still getting many of the heart-friendly benefits that come from drinking a glass of wine a day.

The lower amount of sugar means fewer calories per glass of wine, and you’ll also be able to enjoy more without necessarily getting a buzz.

This means that you can use your organic wine for all of the physical and stress-relieving health benefits it can provide without any of the next day consequences.

leaves and branches

Switching to healthy wine is just one of the many ways that you can begin your journey to better health.

With the help of a good naturopath behind you, gradually, you’ll begin to know which nutrients and options are right for you. You can bring your self one step closer to a more vibrant and sustainable state of health.

If you’re still unsure about which areas of your life are introduced in chemicals, or what services can help you clean out your system and rejuvenate, then it may be time to book a healing service of your own. 

Our services are designed to help you disconnect from the harmful habits that are a disservice to your body, by replacing them with nurturing routines that help you have a long and vibrant life. There are many different types of drinks with natural benefits to enjoy in addition to wine, such as teas, ciders, and juices.

If you’re not sure where to begin, feel free to contact us. We’ll discuss what areas of your health you feel need improvement and will start helping you work to a lasting and impactful change. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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Picture of Dr. Karen Threlkel, Naturopathic Physician, Washington DC

Dr. Karen Threlkel, Naturopathic Physician, Washington DC

Dr. Threlkel received her degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from The National College for Naturopathic Medicine (now called The National University of Natural Medicine) in Portland, Oregon. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology from The University of Maryland. She is licensed in Naturopathic Medicine by the Government of the District of Columbia Department of Health. Dr. Threlkel is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, past president & current member of the Washington DC Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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