How Long do Period Cups Last? What a Womb Changer

Did you know that in the United States, over 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons get disposed of yearly? 

Most women use tampons, pads, or a mixture of both for their periods, which can significantly impact the environment. However, womben have been moving into other options for menstrual care, as both pads and tampons are full of chemicals and bleached and there’s a need for a better option. 

Using a menstrual cup is a more sustainable option, but how long do period cups last? And are they really better for your health

Keep reading to find out more about menstrual cups and their impact. 

What Is a Menstrual Cup?

The menstrual cup is a reusable and environmentally friendly alternative to pads and tampons, which has grown in popularity over the last two decades.

Menstrual cups are bell-shaped in design and catch menstrual blood before it leaves the body. Using the menstrual cup is a more sustainable solution as it can get used for up to a decade. Depending on the woman’s flow, the cup can typically be worn all day including during swimming and exercise.

How Long Do Period Cups Last?

If the menstrual cup is a brand new, high-quality product, it can usually last up to 10 years if kept clean and safe. However, if they get misused, they can fail in a matter of months.

One of the most common causes of a period cup failing is if it’s not cleaned or changed regularly. The vagina can produce lactate acid, and yeast can grow at an alarming rate in a small space.

What Companies Are Providing Access to Period Cups for Women Around the Globe

Several companies, such as Looncup, Divacup, Femmycycle, and Lunette, are providing alternative products to tampons and pads. These companies provide high-quality products, and some even offer discounted prices, depending on how many cups a woman opts to buy at one time.

In addition, these companies also provide menstrual cups in various sizes, which makes it easier for women to find a cup that will fit them perfectly.


One of the most popular menstrual cup brands is Lunette, a Finland-based business that started in 2001. Their offering includes Lunette and Luna Cup.

Diva Cup

Another menstrual cup company offering a range of products is the Diva Cup, a USA-based company created in 2003 and one of the most widely used period cup brands.

Their products include the Diva Cup, Diva Wash, Diva Dusting Wipes, Diva Wash and Diva Cup Compact.


A new menstrual cup business is Daysy. Daysy was created by women who wanted to give more sustainable and convenient alternatives for menstrual care.

Cora Cup

The company that creates Cora Cups are USA-based and a family business.

For every purchase, through Cora Cup, they donate period supplies to someone in a country that would not typically have access to period care products.

Flex Cup

Another popular menstrual cup brand is the Flex Cup. Flex Cups are made of medical-grade materials, such as silicon and titanium, and are designed to be fully reusable.

The company was created out of the need for a product that was safe, sustainable, and easy to use. These menstrual cups are designed to last for multiple years and are easy to clean and disinfect.

Ruby Cup

The Ruby Cup is an eco-friendly menstrual cup that can get used for up to 12 hours. It’s manufactured in the UK. For every Ruby Cup sold, the company will donate one to a woman in need in a developing country.

Pixie Cup

Another option for a menstrual cup is the Pixie Cup. The company offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee if a customer is unhappy with the product.

Pixie Cup is another company that will donate a period cup to a woman in need whenever you make a purchase. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Menstrual Cup?

Why should you switch to a menstrual cup? There are several benefits to using a menstrual cup.


First, they are cost-effective, as they can last a long time, and you can reuse them for many periods.

Some women can spend upwards of the lifetime average of $6,360 on their period over the course of their lifetime. However, women can spend much less than that with a period cup, saving money over the long term.


Another benefit to using menstrual cups is that they are better for the environment. They are reusable, meaning the environment does not have to be polluted with plastic.


Another significant benefit to using a menstrual cup is convenience.

They can be inserted in the morning and taken out at night, meaning that women do not have to worry about sanitary pads or tampons while away from home and can enjoy their activities.


Finally, they are better for women’s health, as they can help alleviate discomfort during their period and reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Multiple studies have shown no adverse effect on vaginal flora from period cups. 

How Do Period Cups Create Global Change for Women

Menstrual cups are an excellent way for women to have a more sustainable and convenient period. They are made of medical-grade material and can get reused for up to 10 years.

They can even last for up to 12 hours, allowing women to be free from tampons and sanitary pads. You can go about your days like a boss without worrying about leakage or the need to change your pad or tampon.

The cups are less expensive than tampons and pads and are better for the environment.

In addition, several period cup companies are committed to providing period supplies to countries that would otherwise not have access. This ensures that women everywhere have the necessary tools to maintain their period health.

All of these factors create change and growth for women across the world. 

Find Natural Remedies That Work for You

How long do period cups last? If you take care of your products, they can last up to a decade. These cups have a wealth of benefits and allow you to give back with a purchase. 

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