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Naturopathic Medicine Week, October 7th – 13th

Washington, DC residents will have an unparalleled opportunity to realize the benefits of their health from naturopathic medicine during Naturopathic Medicine Week, October 7th – 13th.

Naturopathic Medicine Benefits

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  • Natural Medicine considers the whole person
  • Natural Medicine focuses on the causes of illness, not just the symptoms
  • Natural Medicine emphasizes prevention and ongoing wellness
  • Natural Medicine uses natural treatments that are less invasive and less expensive than conventional drugs and surgery.

“Given the rising costs of health care, the anticipated shortage of primary care physicians, and the ever-expanding interest in holistic health and wellness, the public deserves to know more about naturopathic medicine,”

Dr. Kai Parker President of District of Columbia Association of Naturopathic Physicians.
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Our members will be holding a range of free events and activities expressly for people who may be curious about natural medicine and how it works compared to conventional medicine.”

There are approximately 5,000 naturopathic doctors (NDs) in the US who are currently licensed, having graduated from an accredited 4-year naturopathic medical school. NDs are rigorously trained in approaches that facilitate the body’s inherent self-healing ability. They treat a full range of illnesses and work closely with their patients, guiding and empowering them in education and self-care.

“Naturopathic Medicine Week is officially taking place all across the country in the second week of October, and here in Washington, DC were kicking off the celebration October 7th,” said Dr. Kai Parker. “From weight management and diabetes to allergies, digestion and bone health, patients of naturopathic physicians are able to realize improved health and optimal wellness through the principles and practices of naturopathic medicine.”

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Resolutions passed by the US Senate have recognized the ability of naturopathic physicians to “provide safe, effective, and affordable health care” and to play an essential role in addressing the nation’s pressing shortage of primary care physicians. A press kit on naturopathic medicine is included on the webpage of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

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Further information is available by contacting the District of Columbia Association of Naturopathic Physicians at

About The Author:

Dr. Karen Threlkel

Dr. Karen Threlkel

Dr. Threlkel received her degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from The National College for Naturopathic Medicine (now called The National University of Natural Medicine) in Portland, Oregon. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology from The University of Maryland. She is licensed in Naturopathic Medicine by the Government of the District of Columbia Department of Health. Dr. Threlkel is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, past president & current member of the Washington DC Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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