Working out 5 Days a Week, 10 Minutes a Day: The Surprising Benefits

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One of the most common excuses people give for not exercising is that they can’t find the time. 

Between work, sleep, and socializing, it can seem impossible to carve out enough time for exercise. But what if we told you that just 10 minutes of exercise a day could completely transform your life?

Not only will you receive a significant energy boost, but you can lose weight, improve your overall health and well being, and become stronger both mentally and physically.

Working out five days a week for just 10 minutes is an investment in yourself with long-lasting benefits.

Curious as to what those benefits are? Let’s take a look!

Working out 5 Days a Week, 10 Minutes a Day: The Surprising Benefits | Naturopathic Dr

Increased Motivation

Do you lack drive and purpose in your life? Need something to get (and keep) you motivated? Just 10 minutes of exercise can deliver the motivational boost you’re looking for.

Every time you finish a workout, you’ll feel more accomplished. Feel free to pat yourself on the back – you deserve it! You are strong and capable. 

The best part is, the motivation you feel during exercise will carry over to the rest of your day. You can now approach all your professional and personal goals with a new sense of purpose. 

Improved Focus

Our minds are a busy place, filled with racing thoughts, obligations, and a flood of other emotions. When you welcome exercise into your life, you’ll discover an enhanced ability to focus.

You can now attack tasks and obstacles head-on, with a clear vision and intention. Living a life of purpose is incredibly fulfilling. 

Don’t fall victim to the negative chatter that tells you it’s selfish to take time for yourself. Self-care is about becoming the best version of yourself. And when you practice self-care, you’re a stronger, more loving, and engaged person in all aspects of life.

This quote embodies this belief beautifully. 

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.”– Unknown

Working out 5 Days a Week, 10 Minutes a Day: The Surprising Benefits | Naturopathic Dr

Uplifted Mood

It’s no coincidence that you feel on top of the world following your 10-minute workout. Aside from a sense of accomplishment, your body is experiencing a scientific reaction to exercise.

When you engage in daily physical activity, your brain releases chemicals known as endorphins. These endorphins trigger feelings of happiness in the brain.

The result? Increased energy and an overall uplifted mood. Maintaining a consistent workout routine will help you take a more positive, enthused approach to life.

Increased Energy

Ditch those unhealthy energy drinks and sugar-filled cups of coffee. Exercise provides a natural, healthy boost of energy. 

When you exercise regularly (even for just 10 minutes), it increases blood flow and circulation throughout your body. This strengthens your cardiovascular system. Improved circulation to the heart is also said to boost energy levels, making you feel more alive and prepared to tackle the world!

Working out 5 Days a Week, 10 Minutes a Day: The Surprising Benefits | Naturopathic Dr

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Insomnia affects a shocking 60 million people. If you have trouble falling asleep at night or staying asleep, it’s negatively impacting both your physical and mental well being.

Without a quality night’s sleep, you wake to feel dizzy and disoriented. It’s difficult to focus or perform daily tasks. It can also lead to weight gain, irritability, and other health complications.

Exercising can help you get a better night’s sleep by increasing, then decreasing your body temperature. This post-exercise drop in your temperature prepares your body for sleep. 

Once you fall asleep, your body is more apt to stay at rest without disruption. That means less tossing and turning, fewer disruptive dreams, and reduced anxiety

Working out 5 Days a Week, 10 Minutes a Day: The Surprising Benefits | Naturopathic Dr

Weight Loss

One of the main reasons people adopt an exercise routine is to shed a few pounds. While this shouldn’t be your only motivation, weight loss is a pleasant side-effect of regular physical activity. 

The simplest way to understand exercise and weight loss is that you’ll lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. The most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is to do it over a long period. Nutritional counseling can help you reach your weight loss goals.

When pounds come off slowly, they’re more likely to stay off. That’s because you’re adopting a manageable lifestyle. And what could be more manageable than exercising for just 10 minutes a day?

The best part is you can work out five days a week and still feel the weight loss benefits. Just remember, one missed workout doesn’t mean your weight loss efforts are doomed.

Tomorrow is a new day full of new opportunities. Let go of the guilt you feel over missing a workout and focus that energy into tomorrow’s workout instead.

Be thankful you have a healthy, capable body to lead you through the day! 

Working out 5 Days a Week, 10 Minutes a Day: The Surprising Benefits | Naturopathic Dr

Strengthen Muscles and Bones

Exercising five days a week for just 10 minutes is enough to shed unwanted weight. But it’s also the perfect way to strengthen both your muscles and bones.

This is especially important for older adults, where the loss of bone density is a concern.

Resistance exercises are best for building muscle and strengthening your bones. When you work your muscles in new and different ways, they grow in size, strength, and endurance. Your bones will also feel the benefits, reducing your risk of fractures and injuries.

Working out 5 Days a Week, 10 Minutes a Day: The Surprising Benefits | Naturopathic Dr

Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Your blood sugar plays an important role in the function of your brain, heart, and digestion. When levels are too high, it can lead to a long list of health complications, including diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Regular exercise can help manage your blood sugar levels and improve insulin work more effectively in your body. 

Working Out 5 Days a Week is Good for Your Body and Soul

Exercising is about more than just losing weight or toning muscles. While these are worthy goals, exercise strengthens both your mind and body.

By carving out just 10 minutes a day for yourself, you’re practicing self-love. You’ll boost your energy, find a new sense of motivation, and feel accomplished at the end of each day.

With a secure mind-body connection, you’ll see the world in a whole new way.

Are you ready to try a more holistic approach to your healthcare? Schedule an appointment today, and let’s discover the new you!

About The Author:

Picture of Dr. Karen Threlkel, Naturopathic Physician, Washington DC

Dr. Karen Threlkel, Naturopathic Physician, Washington DC

Dr. Threlkel received her degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from The National College for Naturopathic Medicine (now called The National University of Natural Medicine) in Portland, Oregon. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology from The University of Maryland. She is licensed in Naturopathic Medicine by the Government of the District of Columbia Department of Health. Dr. Threlkel is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, past president & current member of the Washington DC Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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