Women's Health Services in Washington D.C.

As a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Karen Threlkel specializes in gentle, natural approaches to healing many common women’s health concerns.

When women push themselves too hard, we can become symptomatic, suffering from exhaustion, toxicity, a suppressed immune system, digestive complaints, hormonal issues, and allergies.

Our women’s health services in Washington D.C. address these issues with a holistic approach, helping you regain wellness and balance.i

Dr. Karen Threlkel Naturopathic Doctor
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Identifying Hormone Problems in Women's Health

All of our hormones — including sex hormones, adrenal or stress hormones, and thyroid hormones — are interconnected. We take them for granted when balanced since they allow our bodies to function flawlessly. They literally run our bodies.

However, as we age, our endocrine system produces fewer and fewer hormones which can lead to hormone imbalances and complex symptoms. Symptoms can be mild or severe, and may include: hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, increased fatigue, irritability, depression or anxiety, skin changes, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, PMS, painful periods, low libido, reduced muscle strength, poor hand-eye coordination, poor memory, poor concentration and focus.

On average our bodies produce hormones in the highest quantity between the ages of 15-40 which overlap our reproductive years.  This is also the time when most of us have the best health.  It’s after this time that most chronic disease processes appear or we start to feel “old”. 

We don’t have to accept our hormonal senescence as a part of menopause.  If appropriate we can replace what is missing using bioidentical hormone replacement in normal physiological amounts to help maintain good health.

Dr. Threlkel takes an extensive health history, and listens both compassionately and knowledgeably to her patients, helping them carefully take stock of their lives, and defining what therapies will help lead them towards optimal health.



Uterine fibroids

Ovarian cysts

Common Women's Health Issues We Treat

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Fibrocystic breast changes



Irregular periods, heavy periods, spotting

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Women's Health Treatments Include:

  • adrenal support
  • digestive healing
  • bioidentical hormone therapy and botanical medicine
  • allergy assessment
  • detoxification
  • functional laboratory testing
  • nutritional supplementation for optimal health

Depending upon your unique needs, Dr. Threlkel works with both herbal therapies and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to restore what is missing using normal physiological amounts to help maintain good health, even as you age.

Dr. Threlkel will work with you to create a road map to health, and schedule regular checkups to support you along the way.

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